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Who will be Shaitan’s next target?

&TV’s Yeshu narrates the story of an exceptionally benevolent child who only wants to do good and spread happiness all around him. In the previous episodes, viewers saw Mary (Sonali Nikam) and Joseph (Aarya Dharamchand) welcoming their child Yeshu (Vivaan Shah).

However, with the birth of Yeshu, King Herod’s (Darpan Srivastava) world moves upside down as he learns that Yeshu could be a dire threat to him. Seven years have passed, now Yeshu is settled with his family in a small village away from King Herod and his atrocities.

Who will be Shaitan's next target

Though Devdoot (Giriraj Kabra) has assured Mary that Yeshu will be safe if he does not use his magical powers and does not heal another person, Shaitan (Ankit Arora) on the other hand is disappointed as he cannot feel Yeshu’s magical powers.

Meanwhile, we see Herod Antipas’s entry (Rudra Soni) and dark energy surrounding him which Shaitan senses. On the other hand, Simon, under the influence of James devices a plan to teach Yeshu a lesson by digging a pit for him. Yeshu comes out with a wreath of thorny bushes and bruises on his palms, and Mary gets a blurred vision of Yeshu’s crucifixion.

Having cleaned his wounds, Mary bathes her son and, the kids in the family sit to eat with Jeevan joining them who insults Yeshu. Devdoot fears that he can be an easy target for Shaitan. Will his fear turn into reality?

Will Shaitan find out about Yeshu’s whereabouts? Talking about the upcoming episode Joseph (Aarya Dharamchand) shares, “While Yeshu is nestling with his beloved family away from the prying eyes of Shaitan and King Herod, his life is still in danger.

Shaitan is trying to find means and ways to get to know the whereabouts of Yeshu. With the guiding light of Devdoot, Mary is taking all precautions and care to ensure Yeshu is safe and away from any harm. How long will she, along with Joseph, be able to protect him from the evil Shaitan?”

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