Devesh to marry Swati and Babli to settle with Indresh?

Drama continues in &TV Santoshi Maa Sunaye Vrat Kathayein as Babli (Tanvi Dogra) in the guise of Swati enjoys Indresh’s (Ashish Kadian) attention while Devesh (Dhiraj Rai) realises that the woman he is with is not Babli but someone who just resembles her. To confront Babli, he enters Singhasan Singh’s (Sunil Singh) house where both, Babli and Devesh come to an agreement that they will continue to turn the drama into reality.

Asur Rani

But, they don’t realise that someone secretly records their conversation and later start blackmailing Babli. To open her eyes, Santoshi Maa (Gracy Singh) in human form explains the repercussions of the situation to Babli who chooses to ignores the warning signs. On the other hand, Devesh under the influence of Asur Rani Paulomi (Sara Khan) gives Swati medicines to ensure that she does not get her memory back.

Meanwhile, both families are preparing for the wedding starting with the Haldi ceremony. Asur Rani Paulomi disguised as Devesh’s neighbour in Benaras is elated on seeing Swati getting married to another man and believes that her union with Indresh will now break forever.

Sara Khan shares, “The level of contention and satisfaction that Asur Rani Paulomi achieves seeing Indresh and Swati finally reach the verge of separation is beyond words. She also dances happily while the ritulas take place in Devsh’s house. Paulomi is very happy knowing that what she could not accomplish in her devi or asur form has finally happened while she is in the human form. Aware that Santoshi Maa will not let this happen, Paulomi is fully prepared and has also taken Devesh under his control. Now, what will happen to the lovebirds – Swati and Indresh will be worth watching.”

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